Sunday, April 19, 2009

Worst Day of My Life: MY New Normal

Something happened to change my entire life since I posted last As I type this I can feel the tears swelling up in my eyes as they have since the worst thing that could ever happen to me did. On August 2, 2008, it was a Saturday, also was my hubby's birthday, we got a knock on our door and soon 3 policemen were then walking up the stairs into our main hallway.
It was 5:30 am and my hubby was getting ready for work but we were discussing where our 27 yr old daughter Sarah
might be as she went out the night before. Thinking she had stayed all night with her girlfriend we both felt confident she was fine. Then the door opens and we are told there was a accident and then as I asked was it our Sarah we were told yes. My next question was the ? that even without a answer, just a silent look from the chief of police, told us our Sarah
was gone from our life. Now as I search to find what feels normal in my life I realize nothing will ever be normal for me anymore. We lost our only child and until we are reunited in eternity because of our faith in Jesus the Christ abnormal is our cross to bear.

Sarah Lynn was 26 in the video clip of Christmas morning 2007 found under this blog